Executive Search

Executive Search is a business consulting designed to meet Client’s requirements – find qualified managerial staff and specialists. Focus on results, performance, relevant decisions, ability to preempt competitors are features sought in managers. People who combine all these skills are not actively searching for work thus it’s very difficult to reach them. This is a task for DOMINO. Thanks our in depth market expertise, methodologies and ethics in our everyday work, we are constantly in touch with highly skilled candidates with unique features, experience and competences.

Our Candidates can face the challenges of current business development throughout the World. Their assignment is to achieve the goal.

Our Candidates can do this!

Domino’s structure is divided into five specialized divisions:

  • Domino Executives – managerial and executive positions
  • Domino Technologies – technical and production positions
  • Domino Sales – sales and marketing positions
  • Domino Finance – finance and accountancy positions
  • Domino Medical – medical and pharma positions

Direct Search is a multistage project. Finding an Ideal Candidate depends on information we need to learn before we start the search of the right person. Direct Search is based on deep understanding of Client’s needs and expectations.

The order actions in Executive Search:

  • Business analysis of the position
  • Labor market analysis
  • Development of a search strategy
  • Contact with selected people
  • Competence verification of selected candidates
  • Preparation of final reports of recommended candiadtes
  • Presentation of candidates
  • Assistance in contract negotiations.

We only present candidates who, we are sure to bring given/required experience, values and competences.

In DOMINO the project doesn’t end while the Candidate signs the employment contract or letter of intent. Many people are not able to start the work immediately. DOMINO guarantees security of its Clients and assumes responsibility for the period between the signing of the agreement and the actual start of work by the Candidate.