Interim Management

Interim Management is a delegation of a  manager selected by DOMINO to the Client in order to pursue particular project.

DOMINO possesses wide database of managers – high-class specialists, who are ready to engage in Project Management enterprises in various branches and sectors, for a particular period of time, at Client’s place.

Such solution is usually applied in following situations:

  • Realization of complicated projects;
  • Starting new business enterprises, particularly connected with new investments;
  • Preparation to the change of the company’s ownership;
  • Implementation of a development strategy;
  • Change management and crisis management;
  • During period of absence of a manager;
  • Implementation of a new IT system;
  • R&D projects.

Given examples do not mention all possible applications of Interim Management as HR tool. Undoubtedly, this is an alternative to permanent employment of managers and high-level managers which brings particular benefits:

  • Manager is employed outside the Client’s company, so there is no employment contract between the Client and the Manager- actual financial profit;
  • Cooperation with a high-class specialist of the field.
  • No recruitment process and its costs – which remain on DOMINO’s side.
  • Considerable saving in time and cost, which are necessary for employment and training of a new employee hired on a employment contract.  
  • Work and time to pursue the project is clearly defined in advance.
  • After cooperation period the manager may be hired on a permanent bases.
  • The service is covered by the guarantee.