Decision to chose the Outplacement program is strictly connected with employer branding of the company, its business and image. It definitely has a positive effect on Company’s credibility as an employer of choice. Outplacement is an extremely helpful solution for redundant person.

Outplacement in DOMINO has also preventive function- it decreases negative emotions of a person who is being dismissed.


Outplacement program implemented by DOMINO includes career counseling and support, individual consultations and help in direct search with research of employment offers on a labor market.

The aim of the program is to activate the employee and to aid him/her in taking decisions and actions related to his/her professional career. We provide essential support and train the candidate in attire, business etiquette tips and in methods of building his/her career path based on her/his  plans and situation.

As a part of the program DOMINO provides:

  • Analysis of the professional potential and predispositions of the employee;
  • Analysis of experience and competences;
  • Support in defining further professional development;
  • Training and assistance in preparation the application documents, resume and cover letter – also in foreign languages;
  • Support in job search and indication of appropriate actions on a labor market;
  • Training in building the image on a labor market, personal counseling, preparation to the interview;
  • Presentation of the Candidate on a labor market;
  • Support during recruitment process, aid in decision – making, negotiations etc.

Outplacement brings tangible benefits to the employee and to the employer. The dismissed person receives professional assistance and help in a new, usually unexpected situation.