Search and Selection

The aim of recruitment and selection process in DOMINO is to find the most valuable Candidates who meet client’s requirements.

The key to the success is knowledge, professionalism, know-how, and creativity which is represented by people – the most valuable asset of each company.

We are aware that the Candidate brings not only his/her knowledge and skills but also particular potential. Thus this is crucial to select the right person who will use those values at work to advantage.

We are conscious that selection of right Candidates is based on perfect identification and deep understanding of Client’s needs. Therefore in DOMINO, effective communication with Client as well as with Candidates is extremely important.

Domino’s structure is divided into five specialized divisions:

  • Domino Executives – managerial and executive positions
  • Domino Technologies – technical and production positions
  • Domino Sales – sales and marketing positions
  • Domino Finance – finance and accountancy positions
  • Domino Medical – medical and pharma positions

In DOMINO everyone is a Client.

In DOMINO we apply particular methodology:

  1. We start the process based on mutual dialogue with the Client in order to understand and indentify his/her needs as well as to create detailed profile of the position.
  2. We analyze the labor market mostly based on Direct Search methodology.
  3. Analysis of applications. On this stage we select the best Candidates from the labor market whose profile corresponds to the Client’s expectations. We pursue interviews with Candidates, we examine their competences, motivation, and their knowledge of foreign languages. In DOMINO we emphasis on verification of linguistics competences – all our consultants have knowledge of few foreign languages.
  4. We present recommended candidates to the Client in a form of detailed report with consultant’s comment and candidate’s CV.
  5. We set an appointment of the Client with the Candidate. Usually the meeting takes place in Client’s company, however, it is also possible to make an appointment at DOMINO’s headquarters.
  6. The recruitment process in DOMINO doesn’t end  after acceptance of the Candidate by the Client and acceptance of the job offer by the Candidate. We are aware that many people are not able to start their new work immediately. DOMINO guarantees safety of its Clients. We take responsibility for the period between signing the employment contract and actual start of the Candidate. We are interested in a final result of the project and success-oriented.

In an actual situation on a market, it happens that particular profile of Candidate isn’t available. In such situation we offer our Client various, tailor-made solutions which will lead to research of the right person.